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Plan Your Tours of Kerikeri with ABC Shuttle

You cannot visit the Bay of Islands without visiting Kerikeri. Kerikeri boasts a fascinating history that goes back to the original European development of the area. There is much to see and do in this area which is why ABC Shuttle offers tours in Kerikeri. We have taken all the well-known hot spots in the area and incorporated them into our tour options to make your trip truly memorable.

One of our favourite tour destinations is the Makana Chocolate Factory. This location is available to visit on two of our tours in Kerikeri because we know it will become a favoured spot for you and your family. Known for its delicious treats and mouth-watering chocolate, Makana Chocolate Factory is a staple along our tour route.

While in Kerikeri, we believe that it is important for you to understand the history associated with the town. This is why The Stone Store is part of our tours in Kerikeri. This venue is New Zealand’s oldest building. The energy of the building will transport you back in time, so you understand what it was like to be there during the original settlement.

The Kerikeri area also boasts incredible scenery. Our tours visit unusual locations such as the Waitangi Lookout and Haruru Falls both of which you will be sure never to forget.

ABC Shuttle is committed to showing you as much of Kerikeri as possible during your holiday.


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